Turkey love

Legend: Mom! I learned something really cool today at school!

Me: Cool, what is it?

Legend: Turkeys have big, soft, kind of thick feathers! And they spread out really big! And… Ok, don’t laugh, ok?

Me: Ok

Legend: Well, and also don’t like, get concerned. You know what I mean? Like don’t get concerned about like, a wedding or something like that.

Me: Ok.

Legend: Ok, so, the boy turkeys spread out their feathers… And they like (hides his face) do this dance…

Me: (laughs)

Legend: Oh… You said you weren’t going to laugh.

Me: Oh no! I’m sorry! (Straight face) Ok, sorry. Go ahead.

Legend: Ok. And… The reason the boy turkeys do that… Is so they can have a turkey girlfriend. (Face is lit up happiness)

Me: Wow! That is really interesting. Thanks for telling me about that.

Legend: You’re welcome. Quite welcome.


Cam’s ring

Just a short cute story:
Legend found a ring on the playground. He said he thought it belonged to a girl he likes. This morning he asked if we could give it to her before class. So we got there early and gave it to her, and afterwards Legend said, beaming, ” Mom did you see her face?!! When I gave her the ring she looked SO happy!!!”

It was one of the happiest faces I’ve ever seen on Legend, and he reminded me of Micah more than ever… I feel so lucky to be a part of Legend’s life. 💖

When I grow up

L: Mom, I’m really frustrated because I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
Me: Well, you better figure it out pretty quickly because the clock is ticking. (joking)
L: Well, I think I want to be like, in the water.
Me: Wow, that’s a cool idea. Maybe like a scuba diver?
L: No. I mean, like, I want to be – mixed in – WITH the water. (extremely serious face)
Me: You mean, like, you want to be a part of the water?
L:.YES. (even more extremely serious face)
Me: Wow, that’s a very interesting idea.

White Cheddar

L: Mom, what color is my skin?
Me: light brown, or what I like to call it is “caramel.”
L: (laughs)
Me: And Daddy is chocolate and  I’m vanilla…
L: And Papa is white cheddar! And Grandma is chips!
Me: yes!! Papa is sooooo white cheddar!!