Turkey love

Legend: Mom! I learned something really cool today at school!

Me: Cool, what is it?

Legend: Turkeys have big, soft, kind of thick feathers! And they spread out really big! And… Ok, don’t laugh, ok?

Me: Ok

Legend: Well, and also don’t like, get concerned. You know what I mean? Like don’t get concerned about like, a wedding or something like that.

Me: Ok.

Legend: Ok, so, the boy turkeys spread out their feathers… And they like (hides his face) do this dance…

Me: (laughs)

Legend: Oh… You said you weren’t going to laugh.

Me: Oh no! I’m sorry! (Straight face) Ok, sorry. Go ahead.

Legend: Ok. And… The reason the boy turkeys do that… Is so they can have a turkey girlfriend. (Face is lit up happiness)

Me: Wow! That is really interesting. Thanks for telling me about that.

Legend: You’re welcome. Quite welcome.


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